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Taking the risk out of
payment processing and authorisation

Designed to improve your efficiency, flexibility and financial security, Digital Payments Web is a multi-layered workflow for all your electronic payments and cheques.

The challenge

A vulnerable, inefficient process

Remote working has exposed issues with payment processing that have been ignored for too long.

More than ever, it is difficult for your accounts payable team to keep track of circulating payment requests, their urgency and their legitimacy. All of which increases your risk of financial fraud.

At the same time, insufficient approval processes can leave you exposed to the growing risk of internal fraud. It’s harder than ever to spot fake accounts, duplicate payment requests or unauthorised approvals.

All of which can lead to reputational damage and financial loss that few businesses can cope with in a market that’s already challenging.

Our solution

A complete, secure payment workflow

Digital Payments Web is a single platform that brings all your payment processing and authorisation together in one place. Available on-premise or in the cloud, it brings clarity, control and governance to every step of the process.

As well as being designed to reduce your risk of fraud, Digital Payments Web supports remote working and authorisation from multiple locations with role-based permissions. So your people can work safely and confidently from anywhere, without comprising on security and compliance.

Why Digital Payments Web?

  • Request, authorise and approve payments from anywhere with a single browser-based interface
  • Fight financial fraud with two-factor authentication and data encryption
  • Track everything with a complete audit trail and log
  • Authorise efficiently with secure smartphone access
  • Reduce your risk with configurable user permissions and role-based access
  • Streamline your implementation with Active Directory integration
  • Work flexibly with support for multiple bank accounts, currencies and office locations
  • Customise your implementation with signing limits by bank account and user

“DWF started working with Advanced Secure in 2012, we approached Advanced Secure as we wanted to work with a specialist company that could help us to implement a secure payments process across our business, enabling us to process transactions in a secure and efficient environment. The technology provided by Advanced Secure has continuously met our needs as our practice has grown. We have been very impressed by their service levels and their constant development of Digital Payments to meet the needs of our ever changing company. Advanced Secure has provided DWF with a secure and robust web-based platform to work from and have allowed us to issue payments from multiple UK and international offices with ease.” DWF“Lupton

Take control of your payment processes.

Take the risk out of your payment processing and authorisations – Stop Fraud. Find out more about Digital Payments.

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